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Where possible we have collated the presentations from paludiculture workshops and events to make them available virtually.


If you have an event and you would like us to promote it to the paludiculture community please let us know by completing this form or sending an email to with the details.

Past Events

ch3 event online.png

Biomaterials for construction

23rd May 2024


Fens 2100+ Stakeholder Forum

14th December 2023

peatland dilema.jpg

The peatland dilemma

7th March 2024

eventbrite image.png

Paludiculture community Workshop 2024

10th-12th January 2024


Principles for sustainable peatland paludiculture workshop

05th October 2023


Beyond Restoration: Peatland Programme Conference 2023.

03rd October 2023

Water management- on-line conversation

26th September 2023

PIP_Symposium final final.png

First paludiculture symposium

13th September 2023


The Benefits of Peatland Restoration for Europe

26th April 2023


Agrifood for Net Zero Network+ Food/Net Zero Nexus in the Fens Workshop

Fri 10 March 2023

https __cdn.evbuc.com_images_585400609_465394516807_1_original.jpeg

Lowland agricultural peat water discovery pilot grant scheme workshop

26th September 2023

Screenshot (919).png

Lowland peat farmers workshop

12th September 2023

PIP_Restoration final final.png

Retoration of lowland peatland for ecosystem services

14th September 2023

drone workshop.png

Drone RePeat - Introduction to the use of drones within Paludiculture

03rd August 2023

LIFE Moor space.png

LIFE Moor Space – Lowland Peat restoration

19th - 20th April 2023


Exploring the Future of Lowland Agricultural Peat Workshop 2023

17 - 18 April 2023

north event.png

Paludiculture North-West Workshop

Mon 06 March 2023

Typha Harvesting image.jpg

Exploring the way forward for wetter farming in England

11th - 12th January 2023

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