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Opportunities for Paludiculture and Engagement in the North west:
promoting knowledge exchange and assessing opportunity.


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Our project focuses on promoting paludiculture in the North West region that contains extensive lowland farming on peat. Together with our OPENpeat partners we are actively engaging with the farming demographic in the region with wetter farming projects to develop the paludiculture knowledge base.

Project aims

The activities across OPENpeat will provide a combination of in-depth engagement and knowledge sharing with a smaller number of prominent regional farmers and land managers, together with broader engagement with larger numbers of farmers at agricultural events in the Paludiculture Roadshow, Workshops and our Conference. The proposed activities are designed to link together and feed into each other to build momentum as the project progresses, culminating in a large conference towards the end of the project.


Manchester/ North West England

Project partners
Project lead -

Dr Chris Field – Manchester Metropolitan University


Lauryn McLoughlin – Manchester Metropolitan University


Partners -

Sarah Johnson (Peatland Programme Manager, LWT).

Dr Konstantinos Tzoulas (Senior Lecturer, MMU)

Dr Stephanie Evers (Reader,LJMU)

Mike Longden (Project Officer, LWT)

Kathryn Wright (NFU North West Horticulture Board & Wright Farm Produce Ltd.)

Jenny Bennion (Communications Officer, LWT)

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