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Boggy bulrushes to BioPuff


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This project will see one of the first field-scale trial of growing a typha crop on re-wet agricultural peat. The seed heads will be harvested and a market has already been secured for these with company Saltyco® to create BioPuff®, a revolutionary sustainable and eco-friendly replacement for the use of synthetic fibres or goose feather down in padded jackets.


This 5 ha site will be worked and managed, with support from landowner Peel L&P, by its current tenant farmer who will undertake works to raise the water table, before sowing, growing and after three years harvesting the typha seed heads.


The typha will be grown both from seed and from plug plants, and both will be grown with two different water table depths, one at the surface and one at 50cm below ground level. Greenhouse gas levels will be measured across the site, and compared to a neighboring control site, to determine the decrease in GHG’s from the re-wetted site in comparison to the harvest.

Project aims

We hope to show that a commercially viable typha crop can be grown at scale on agricultural peat that has been re-wetted. We aim to provide greenhouse gas emissions data to show that these harmful releases can be significantly reduced whilst allowing agricultural peat to remain financially viable for farmers and landowners. We will also investigate practical issues around farming re-wetted land, trialing the use of standard, or adapted, farm machinery.


Chat Moss, Greater Manchester, UK

Project partners
Partners -

The project is being run jointly between Lancashire Wildlife Trust, Saltyco®, Peel L&P and farmer, Steve Denneny.


Lancashire Wildlife Trust

Lead partner bringing together the partners and designing the project. LWT are also leading on the practical project delivery framework and design.


Contact -Sarah Johnson, Head of Peatland Nature Recovery

         Lancashire Wildlife Trust

Sarah Johnson –

Mike Longden –


Partner - Saltyco®

An emerging materials science company who have created BioPuff®, a revolutionary sustainable and eco-friendly replacement for the use of goose feather down in padded jackets, manufactured from the seedheads of typha grown on re-wetted agricultural peat.


Partner - Peel L&P

The landowners of the trial site, and keen to support the discovery of sustainable land-use across their peatland holdings.

Partner - Steve Denneny

The current tenant farmer of the trial site and will be doing the on-the-ground farming of the typha crop. Steve will also be undertaking the re-wetting works. His experience in farming land in the area for over 35 years is invaluable.

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