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Drone RePeat

A consortium to promote sustainable land use practices that are environmentally friendly, socially beneficial, and economically viable by using drones to survey, then precision spraying with Paludiculture.

Project aims

Increasing awareness of Paludiculture and Carbon gains through robotics and data:


  • Operating drones a greater distances to increase efficiencies.

  • Creating a framework to allow scalability and easier drone adoption for industry

  • Enabling Drone Spraying and Spreading for the current and future Peat Restoration projects

  • Creating a Commercial Market for Lowland Land owners


Southwest based lowland peat.  Strategic landowners will cover Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and Gloucestershire through farm and landowner partnerships using the DronePrep Platform and insights from UKRI Future of Flight - Open Skies Cornwall.


However we are an unusual project in that we are location agnostic and can support other PEF projects and actively look forward to doing so.

Project partners
AutoSpray Systems -

They are currently the only UK company permitted to use drones for spraying and spreading purposes, achieving the technological and legislative requirements for Agricultural / Forestry and Horticultural uses. 


AutoSpray Systems are experts in uncrewed aviation and their use in traditional agriculture. Bringing together this expertise into Paludiculture not only allows the aerial application of seeds / spores / fertilisers / nutrients but also works towards the UK wide scalability of this farming technique.

Project Manager(s): Aleks Kowalski

Mobile: +44 7971 447407


Project Manager(s): Andy Sproson

Mobile: +44 7725 002795



DronePrep -

Architects of the first real world drone deliveries in England and Scotland for the NHS and Royal Mail and securing the associated safety cases, land ownership and airspace approvals.  DronePrep current lead the Future Flight Challenge Open Skies Cornwall project in Cornwall in 2023/4.  Their founder has previously been engaged in Agricultural projects around Hartpury and will be focussing on the landowner management and marketing this unique value proposition.


Aerofirm -

World-leading safety case expert around drone operations and BVLOS.  Development of scalable extensible sensor-based components for remote sensor data collection – providing a quantitative data output.  Supported by Skypointe with Project Management and the Business case.

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