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Typha seed heads for textile production: typha processing, agronomy and analysis for paludiculture market development and new knowledge for scaled cultivation

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The project aims to develop the supply and processing of typha seed heads for use as an insulation material for outdoor clothing. Three key areas of our supply chain will be addressed: fibre cleaning, typha crop science and analysis of process byproducts.

Project aims

In these three areas, we hope to achieve the following:

  • Seed extraction technology development: refine seed/fibre separation technology developed in-house by saltyco including fabrication of scaled machinery. This machinery will enable processing of enhanced quality fibre up to 400 tonnes/year input.

  • Crop science for yield: we will work with leading agronomy consultancy ADAS and typha paludiculture expert Jeroen Geurts to understand and enhance seed head growth to demonstrate increased fibre yield. 

  • Seed by-product is a valuable asset to enable planting of scaled typha cultivations.  in addition, it can be source of high value products (edible oil, cosmetic ingredients, medical uses). Excess seed will undergo chemical analysis for identification of additional uses 



Project partners
Partners - Saltyco

Project Lead - Finlay Duncan - CTO


Partner - ADAS

UK-based independent agricultural and environmental consultancy providing independent science-based research with extensive experience in crop agronomy. 


Partner - Air Control Industries (ACI)

Accredited manufacturer of specialty air movement products. ISO 9001 approved production/ testing facility(Axminster). Demonstrated high attention to detail on quality and safety. All machinery risk assessed, built to match recognised industrial standards.

Partner - Winwood Bioscience/ James Hutton Institute 

Broad range scientific expertise in field of food ingredients supplements, oils, fatty acids product development, report writing. Testing: JHI lab (UKAS) with extensive analytical capabilities.

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