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Paludiculture community Workshop 2024

10- 12 January 2024

This page is currently under development and will be available once we have permission to upload the presentations made at the event

Day 1

Getting to know the place and people

Exploring issues and opportunities for lowland peat: NW England


Formation and early history

Jonathan Lageard, MMU


Improvement? drainage and conflict

Nye Merrill-Glover, University of Bristol


Current challenges

Sarah Johnson, Lancs WT


Who’s who in paludiculture? Five minute introductions

Exploring the Lowland Peatland Management Discussion in Northwest England. Zoe Lipkens, University of Leicester


OPENPeat. Lauryn McLoughlin, MMU

Growing opportunities by sharing knowledge in Paludiculture. Megan Hudson - Fenland Soil

Rindle wetter farming feasibility. Mike Longden, Lancs WT

The Winmarleigh carbon farm. Mike Longden, Lancs WT

Green Restoration Ireland. Douglas McMillan

Wetter farming and hydrology in the Alt Crossens Catchment. Mike Longden, Lancs WT

Beadamoss- sustainable innovation. Jonathan Lydiard Wilson, Beadamoss

Drone RePeat. Aleks Kowalski, SEAD Artists

Low Impact Willow Growing. Coates

Taking Typha to scale on the Somerset Levels and Moors. FWAG SW

Typha to Biomaterials. Ponda

Boggy bulrushes to BioPuff. Mike Longden, Lancs WT

Van Hall Larenstein (VHL) – University of Applied Sciences  the Netherlands. Marelle van der Snoek

Fibre Broads. Andrea Kelly, Broads National Park

Paludiculture Opportunities at Vitagrass Farms (Holker) Ltd. David Harvey, Vitagrass Farms (Holker) Ltd

Paludiculture Innovation Project (PIP). Julia Casperd, HAU

GHG removal through ‘paludiculture’ opportunities on agricultural lowland peat. Jenny Rhymes, UKCEH

Overcoming Financial Barriers for Paludiculture with Biochar Integration. Jenny Rhymes UKCEH

The role of ADAS in the PEF projects. Kat Evans, ADAS

Day 2

England Peat map – update

Tom Hunt, NCEA

Peatland Code and Paludiculture - update and call for evidence

Ed Salter

Making the finances work for paludiculture

Green Finance

Paul Leadbitter, North Pennines AONB

Pricing and feasibility for landowners

Kosta Tzoulas, MMU

Developing markets for paludiculture products – learning from other sectors

Bhav Patel & Shan Dulanty, Manufacturing Technology Centre

Growing opportunities - learning from reed and sedge

Richard Starling, BRASCA

Workshop - Breaking barriers, building consensus

Nick Simmonds, Hidden Solutions

Day 3

Linking Paludiculture and bio-based construction – overcoming the challenges

Aldert van Weeren, Wetland Products Ltd

Workshop 1

1. Map the transition to wetter farming in terms of the permissions, consents and regulatory hoops that might arise.

2. Green Finance

3. Farmer engagement – sharing best practice

Workshop 2

1. Water for wetter farming – can we get it just right, or will there always be too much or too little

2. What determines land use suitability for paludiculture – agreeing a framework for use at local and regional scales

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