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The Benefits of Peatland Restoration for Europe

26 April 2023

A number of peatland project representatives made presentations showing their experiences of work undertaken. The first day of the event, 26th April, was recorded and you can find the recording below or on their  YouTube channel

Morning session: Plenary keynotes on policy and technical advances

Session Chair – Lynne BARRATT (NEEMO)


Welcome NABU

Jörg-Andreas KRÜGER (NABU President)


A video message from the European Parliament – Peatlands and the European Restoration Law

Jutta PAULUS (Member of the European Parliament) (pre-recorded)


Keynote 1: EU nature legislation, the Restoration Law, Peatland restoration and biodiversity

Angelika RUBIN (European Commission, DG.ENV.D3 – Nature Conservation)


Keynote 2: EU climate change goals & peatlands Peatland restoration, GHG mitigation and C-removals

Valeria FORLIN, (European Commission, DG. CLIMA.C.3 - Land Economy & Carbon Removals)


Keynote 3: What would CINEA like to achieve? Objectives and expected outcomes of the Platform meeting



Keynote 4: An International Perspective on Peatlands Meeting our international, European and national targets

Dianna KOPANSKY, (Global Peatlands Coordinator, Global Peatlands Initiative, UN Environment Programme)


Q &A session


Keynote 4: European peatlands and current challenges for peatland conservation in the EU

Franziska TANNEBERGER (Greifswald Mire Centre, DE)


Keynote 5: Peatlands and land use – mission impossible?

Hans JOOSTEN (International Mire Conservation Group)


Keynote 6: Peatland restoration for climate change mitigation

Gerald JURASINSKI (University Greifswald, DE)


Keynote 7: Financing peatland restoration - models and legal structures for nature-based investments

Dan HIRD (Nature Based Investments Consultancy, UK) (pre-recorded)


Keynote 8: LIFE and peatlands – past, present and future





Afternoon session: LIFE and peatlands & Introduction to breakout groups

Facilitators: Lynne BARRATT & Jan SLIVA (NEEMO)


‘Elevator Pitch’ presentation session to get a brief insight into as wide a range of projects as possible

  • 5’ short intro from each presenter

  • Estimated 20 projects presenting

  • Presentations will be targeted towards one of the 4 themes

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