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Micropropagation Services: Solving The Peatland Crisis Through Sphagnum Farming – The Green Alternative to Peat

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Beadamoss® will establish field-grown Sphagnum in partnership with Wrights Farm in Lancashire. Melcourt will produce the end product, combining Sphagnum with other media to produce a commercial product mix for different markets. The project will also evaluate the commercial and environmental sustainability of the approach.

Project aims

The project will scale up the production of Sphagnum Farming to produce sustainable growing media to replace peat and support the English horticulture sector, whilst also supporting lowland peat farmers with this sustainable, profitable Sphagnum crop for their land. The project will create a commercially sustainable demonstration farm and overcome identified barriers throughout the supply chain.


The trials for this project will be undertaken at Wrights Farm in Lancashire. Beadamoss are based in East Leake, LE12 6NZ

Project partners
Beadamoss Micropropagation Services (EM) Ltd


Beadamoss grow micropropagated sustainable Sphagnum moss for positive environmental impacts. With over 15 years of experience, we mainly supply our sustainably micropropagated Sphagnum moss for peatland restoration, where Sphagnum moss is planted as a natural climate solution.

BeadaMoss® are based in the East Midlands in England, and supply Sphagnum moss to peatland restoration projects in the UK, and in Europe too.

Project Lead - Neil – Director, Head of R&D



Wrights Farm, Lancashire



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