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Low impact Willow Growing as a Paludiculture Crop to produce a high value product ensuring a sustainable future for landowners on the lowland Somerset Moors

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Coates English Willow are working with Laburnum Farm who farm a low impact herd of suckler cows across around 200 hectares on West Sedgemoor and Curry Moor.  The trials will help to determine best practice for planting and harvesting different willow varieties on various peatland soils. This will include looking at water management, together with impacts on nutrient stripping and biodiversity. Work will also investigate the market potential for the production of kindling wood and look at possibilities for production of activated charcoal widely used as an ingredient in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

Project aims

The project will use willow to produce a sustainable, renewable product whilst protecting and preserving the peat on West Sedgemoor. Utilising hundreds of years of expertise and knowledge of willow and the land, the project will research and develop new science and technology for more efficient planting, with lower herbicide use, and improved harvesting practises and develop a high value product to provide sustainability to farming businesses.


Laburnum Farm, West Sedgemoor and Curry Moor, Somerset

Project partners
Coates English Willow

Project lead -

Nicola Coate – Director.

Telephone: 01823 490 249 


Laburnum Farm -


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