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Fens 2100+ Stakeholder Forum

12thDecember 2023

The aims of the forum were:

  • Increase your understanding of what Fens 2100+ is and why it's different to other programmes and projects

  • Explain why we want to work with stakeholders with a variety of interests in the Fens

  • Hear from you – what strategies and projects are you involved with that we should know about, and your ideas for working together

Please share anyfeedback and suggestions for future sessions with us:

and if you would like a link to the recording of the forum, please email

Fens 2100+ Stakeholder Forum

A copy of the slides used during the forum

Links to further information on work mentioned in the presentation:

Read more about Future Fens Integrated Adaptation

Future Fens Baseline Report (Great Ouse, 2020)

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