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CANAPE: Your Pocket Guide to Sustainable Peatland Farming

Following 5 years of work, we have synthesised the CANAPE knowledge into a short guide for peatland land farmers and managers who are interested in trying something different.


Creating A New Approach to Peatland Ecosystems (CANAPE) project is a 5.5 million euro project, working in five countries to restore and preserve wetlands. The aim of is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to support the creation of a sustainable economy for the population of the North Sea Region.

The initial ambition is to support the restoration of 95 hectares of peatland and support the restoration of three peatland lakes. This brings substantial benefits for local people and helps prevent climate change. The project showcases restoration and management methods, and creates new business opportunities.

The vision for the future is one where peatlands are both productive and sustainable, providing wider environmental benefits such as water and carbon storage, and providing an income for landowners through alternatives to traditional agriculture.

Demonstrating sustainable use of the land, through piloting agricultural products that can be grown on wet land (known as Paludiculture), and showing that there is a viable economic alternative to draining land for agriculture.

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