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Principles for sustainable peatland paludiculture

We are talking about the issues facing the UK's lowlands peatlands at the IUCN UK Conference - Beyond Restoration this week.

The IUCN Peatland Programme have recently released Principles for sustainable peatland paludiculture, a briefing document on paludiculture setting out the five principles that they believe should be embedded in any implementation of paludiculture systems:

  1. Prioritise rewetting that halts peat degradation through appropriate, stable water level management

  2. Develop a planned approach to paludiculture activity appropriate to local circumstances

  3. Recognise the full range of public benefits in economic assessment and support for paludiculture

  4. Plan and manage paludiculture with regard to biodiversity objectives

  5. Engage at catchment scale for the potential benefits of paludiculture to be fully realised

Following the conference, you will be able to access recordings and reports of the sessions. Also watch out for posts sharing thoughts and updates from the Paludiculture community.

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