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Peatland Progress using Paludiculture at Farm-Scale

Peatland Progress will be demonstrating paludiculture, at farm-scale to prevent the loss of peat soils, lock in carbon and create new opportunities for farmers. The New Vision for the Fens will tackle climate change and biodiversity loss through the purchase of a parcel of land, bringing together the north and south ‘halves’ of the Great Fen.

This project was funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, who announced an £8 million Heritage Horizons grant to the Great Fen Project. The Landmark appeal to raise the £400,000 deposit for Speechly's Farm has been successful.

Transformation will rise to new levels in Peatland Progress; it will complete a vast sustainable, working wet landscape, rich in wildlife and develop climate change science. The new parcel of land, Speechly's Farm, will create new wetland habitat for wildlife and help achieve a core purpose of the Great Fen, to buffer, protect and link two fragments of fen habitat: Holme Fen NNR and Woodwalton Fen NNR.

A New Decoy Farm will bring people into the heart of the Great Fen; a new visitor-friendly landscape and create a Mobile Inspiration Hub telling the story, to show that global climate change is being tackled locally, working alongside the Wildlife Trust BCN in the Peatland Progress project.

Leading climate change scientists from the UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology will be measuring greenhouse gas flux and gathering data to show how wet farming locks in carbon dioxide. The University of East London will be advising on paludiculture wet farming methods and crops.


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