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Paludiculture – innovation for lowland peat at The Royal Norfolk Show

NIAB and the Broads Authority are highlighting the challenges in lowland peat landscapes (balancing productivity, CO2 emissions and biodiversity); defining and demonstrating what paludiculture is and how its sustainable products could become part of our everyday lives in the future.

Call in and see us inside the Agri-TechE Innovation Hub (near Jubilee Food Court North) at the Royal Norfolk show in Norwich on 28 and 29 June.

With over 80,000 visitors attending on average, the Royal Norfolk Show provides a fantastic opportunity to showcase paludiculture with a wide-ranging group of people including show VIPs, farmers, growers and other agribusiness in addition to interested members of the public who attend the show. In addition to the opportunities on the day, there is the added bonus of profile in the run up to the show through local and national press, as well as online.

The Royal Norfolk Show is at the Norfolk Showgrounds in Norwich on 28 and 29 June.

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