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New Map of Proposed Fen Reservoir

Anglian Water and Cambridge Water have released new details of the first phase of the new Fen reservoir.

A new map released by Cambridge Water shows the scale of the new Fen reservoir (Image: Cambridge Water)

Plans for a new £1 billion Anglian Water reservoir in Cambridgeshire have moved a step closer. The new reservoir will be located north of Chatteris and close to Doddington and Wimblington and could supply enough water for a quarter of a million homes.

Over the course of this year, a design of the reservoir, detail of potential features and the proposed to use the land in the pink and grey areas will be identified; including accessed, supporting infrastructure, and recreational opportunities.

Anglian Water and Cambridge Water published a summary of the feedback received following their first phase of consultation on the proposed new reservoir in the Fens.

More than 500 people attended community and online events for the reservoir to be located north of Chatteris and close to the villages of Doddington and Wimblington, which could supply enough water for a quarter of a million homes.

In the consultation, some people raised concerns:

  • On the potential effects of the reservoir on the surrounding land?

  • Impact on villages (including "visual effects and impacts" on local roads)?

  • How business and property owners will potentially be affected by the proposals?

The reservoir in the Fens forms a part of the plan to protect the region’s water supply. The design of the reservoir will be very important and should help to ensure positive outcomes for the local community. For those travelling by foot, cycle or car opportunities for access to the reservoir are important from Chatteris, Doddington, Wimblington and other villages. Next consultation in due 2024.

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