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Lowland Agricultural Peat Water Discovery Pilot Grant

The LAPWDP grant scheme has been launched. The scheme will fund the creation of new plans for peatland water management for lowland peat areas in England that will seek to preserve peat soil carbon and support continued agriculture.

The costed plans will be required to identify how the water table within lowland agricultural peat soils can be raised to enable either:

  • A mosaic approach to improving the condition of lowland peat, recognising that some farmers and landowners will wish to undertake a mixed regime that includes wetter farming (either with paludicultural crops or traditional crops), peat restoration where possible and continued traditional farming on drained soils, or

  • Wetter farmingalone.

and will facilitate the balancing of environmental opportunities and risks from a change in water management at different scales.

Applications for a LAPWDP grant can be made between 09:00 09 August 2023 to 23.59 27 October. The grants will be awarded in February 2024 and will run until January 2025.

Applications should be between £50,000 to £500,000 in value and whilst the grant must not exceed £500,000, there is no minimum value. LAPWDP grants will cover 100% of eligible project costs. More details can be found in the guide to applicants.

A guide for applicants explaining the purpose of the scheme, how to apply and the steps to follow to comply with the funding rules can be downloaded here.

LAPWDP Grant Handbook FINAL (002)
Download PDF • 439KB

To apply for a LAPWDP Grant, you must complete an LAPWDP application form, available here.

LAPWDP Grant Application Form FINAL
Download PDF • 571KB

More details about how to apply are available in the guide (above) or on the website.

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