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Land Skills Fair - Cirencester

A great way to introduce the audience to paludiculture and the new exciting research projects, which are taking shape in the North-West of England was working with Dr Chris Field, Manchester Metropolitan University,Lauryn McLoughlin, Care Peat, along side the stand.

Both Chris and Lauryn are involved in research projects, which have attracted funding from Natural England through the PEF fund. Their talk gave some historical context to where peat and peatland land management has reached and where it is hoped the new research will take us. The buzz of excitement over the new projects and their energy was captured by the audience, who were keen to see and feel the wetland products on display.

Even at set up, there was lively and fun discussion about the moss, supplied by Beadamoss and the seed heads by Saltyco, as well as the fibre products donated by Aldert van Weeren, to help engage and inspire the growth of paludiculture.

Working with a group of people,who are active on social media gave extended reach, to how far the messages shared in that room would travel around the world, as a whole group of younger people told their friends and followers about this new kind of peatland agriculture, they had just discovered.

The event also gave the opportunity for a Welsh conservationist to ask questions about paludiculture and enquire whether it might be right for their land and their organisation; and to find out where they could access information on paludiculture on the website in resources, a permanent record of paludiculture information open to all.

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