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Wetter farming (paludiculture): what, why and how at Groundswell

Date: Thursday 27 June, 10 a.m.

Where: The at Groundswell Regenerative Agriculture Festival

The Groundswell Festival is an annual agricultural event held at Lannock Manor Farm, in North Hertfordshire and provides a forum for farmers, growers, or anyone interested in food production and the environment to learn about the theory and practical applications of regenerative farming systems. Over the two days of the eighth edition of Groundswell (26th and 27th June, 2024) they are expecting to welcome over 8, 000 visitors and a full programme of activities has been scheduled with presentations by over 300 speakers on all aspects of regenerative agriculture.

As part of the event, on Thursday 27 June at 10a.m. there is a panel discussion on wetter farming: what, why and how? The session will be in the Wildlife Trust Marquee where you can join the panellists Mike Longden and Sarah Johnson (Lancashire Wildlife Trust), Lisa Edwards (farmer on lowland peat) and Julian Ellis-Brown (Ponda) looking at all things paludiculture including include current wetter farming projects, the practicalities and challenges of wetter farming, issues around food security and how to make wetter farming pay.

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