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The peatland dilemma - should we continue to cultivate, & if so how?

The AFN Network+ webinar on 'The peatland dilemma - should we continue to cultivate, & if so how?' is now available on YouTube.

This was led by Professor Heiko Baltzer, Univerity of Leicester, who was reporting back on a Fens-based project carried out in 2023. The webinar covers some introductory stuff but also some newer findings.

  • Key trade-offs with peatland management, including; emissions, food production/ security/ displacement, biodiversity, livelihoods

  • Farmer voices - the challenges peatland farmers face

  • Whether food production and emissions reductions is possible, and how

  • The potential of 80 new/ novel crops identified and their market development

  • Urgent research and policy needs

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