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Drone RePeat - A future of drones within Paludiculture

The PEF funded project Drone RePeat, led by AutoSpray Systems and Skypointe Ltd, working with DronePrep, Aerofirm and TAPSW (SEAD Artists) recently launched their project with a webinar “Introduction to the use of drones within Paludiculture” in which they demonstrate the integration of drone technology into agricultural practices and how this project will develop to demonstrate how drone technology can be used within lowland peat.

SEAD Artists ( are currently looking to engage with projects using their combination of technologies but crucially are keen to learn the best approach on how they can be effective within your challenges. We have a very unique set of capabilities but are still learning this part of industry and hope you can support us on this journey.

We are the only consortia who have expertise in scaling the use of drones to cover more than one flight whilst also having the only permissions in the UK to use drones in spraying or seeding. We hope that you find our Paludiculture Project "Drone RePeat" ( worthy of note. We are also looking discussing further funding across Innovate UK projects, and have good access into these opportunities, but these would be a lot stronger with external partners.

We will shortly launch our kick-off video and if anyone wishes to get in touch please email and we'd love to hear from you.

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